Lights Along My Path

Update: Feb 2020

33, 000 lamp offerings will be offered for the lunar year of 2020.

Update: Jan 2020

All 37, 000 lamp offerings for the lunar year 2019 have been completed.

Update: 8th May 2019

1100 Lamp Offerings on
Vesak Day
19th May 2019

´╗┐Status: Open for Sponsorship

Update: 10th April 2019

Lamp Offerings – 2nd Quarter of 2019
1,400 Lamps Offering on
H.E. Akarsha Vajra Rinpoche’s Birthday &
Anniversary of Jetsun Dragpa Gyaltsen (The 5th Sakya Trizin)
16th April 2019

´╗┐Status: (Completed)

Update: 16th February 2019

1,000 Lamps Offering on

Chotrul Duchen

“Day of Miracles”

19th February 2019

Status: (Completed)